Accepted Papers

ROSPlan: Planning with Robots
2. Shashank Pathak, Luca Pulina and Armando Tacchella.
A Case for Robust AI in Robotics
An Open Source Robotic Platform for Ambient Assisted Living
4. Carmine Recchiuto, Antonio Sgorbissa, Francesco Wanderlingh and Renato Zaccaria.
UAV teams in emergency scenarios: a summary of the work within the project Prisma
5. Tanis Mar, Vadim Tikhanoff and Lorenzo Natale.
Self-supervised approach for tool affordance learning on humanoid robots
6. Alessio Mauro Franchi, Danilo Attuario and Giuseppina Gini.
The Organization of Cortex-Ganglia-Thalamus to Generate Movements From Motor Primitives: a Model for Developmental Robotics
7. Luca Buoncompagni and Fulvio Mastrogiovanni.
A Software Architecture for Object Perception and Semantic Representation
8. Barbara Bruno, Jasmin Grosinger, Fulvio Mastrogiovanni, Federico Pecora, Alessandro Saffiotti, Antonio Sgorbissa and Subhash Sathyakeerthy.
A Multi-modal Sensing Framework for Human Activity Recognition
9. Fabio Maria Carlucci, Lorenzo Nardi, Luca Iocchi and Daniele Nardi.
Explicit Representation of Social Norms for Social Robots
10. Jonathan Cacace, Alberto Finzi and Vincenzo Lippiello.
Multimodal Interaction with Co-located Drones for Search and Rescue
11. Jonathan Cacace, Riccardo Caccavale, Michelangelo Fiore, Rachid Alami and Alberto Finzi.
Attentional Plan Execution for Human-Robot Cooperation
12. Lorenzo Jamone, Giovanni Saponaro, Alexandre Antunes, Rodrigo Ventura, Alexandre Bernardino and José Santos-Victor.
Learning object affordances for tool use and problem solving in cognitive robots
13. Andrea Jeradi, Masoume Raeissi, Alessandro Farinelli, Nathan Brooks and Paul Scerri.
Focused Exploration for Cooperative Robotic Watercraft
14. Salvatore Anzalone, Serena Ivaldi, Giovanna Varni, Elisabetta Zibetti, Mohaemed Chetouani
Predicting extraversion from non-verbal features during a face-to-face human-robot interaction